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Monday, April 6, 2009

Women's Sports

I think that the group that did their project on women's sports was an interesting topic. Women's sports doesn't get shown on TV as much as men's sports. To be honest I would rather watch men's sports. I think the only time I watch women's sports is during the Olympics. There are a lot of very athletic and talented women out there. It's fun to watch the Olympics because it's just amazing to see the talents that men and women have throughout the world. I think it's crazy how women or even young girls can do so many amazing tricks in gymnastics. All the flips and twists they do in the air. I think if women's sports was shown more on TV there would be a lot of people that would watch it, especially women. It would be interesting to see how many people would watch it and the ratings that channels would get.

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  1. Yeah I dont know what it is, but I agree with you, for some reason i prefer to watch mens sports. Why? Who knows.. i think its because thats what my husband watches, so its just on all the time, and we have never been interested in Women's sports, so why change now. But I thought it was interesting to hear the other side of things from the group presentation.