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Friday, March 13, 2009


I thought that the activity we did in class the other day was interesting. There are so many logos out there. Only after doing an activity like we did can you really imagine how many logos there are out there and we only looked for about 10-15 minutes. Just think if we had an hour to find as many logos as we could. We see logos all the time and I bet all of us could name tons of different companies by just looking at each companies' logo. Some one commented in class that we use logos to know some one's "status", like if you own a BMW then your rich. That specific example isn't always true because I know some one that owns a BMW but they aren't rich. I think we can judge people by what logos we have on our clothing, car, sunglasses, etc. I think we all are probably guilty of judging at least once in regards to logos. Our judgements aren't always correct just like the BMW = rich, that isn't true for some one I know.

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  1. I agree, I thought the activity was very beneficial. You never realize how many logos and advertisments you see a day because it is just second nature. But everything we see essentially has a logo or is an advertisment and we don't realize it. I didn't know that teens would see 16,000 logos a day but I guess if you really think about it that would make sense because of the cars we drive, the clothes we were, the places we shop, the food we eat, the shows we watch. Now that people are trying to make more money we have product placement in television shows and films now. They never used to do that, it always used to be a fake brand but now people have gotten greedy. The marketing industry is taking over.