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Friday, February 13, 2009

Ads and Commercials we saw today

The ads in class today showing women dead and being sexually abused were completely horrible and wrong. That is definitely not OK. There is no reason to put these types of pictures on ads just to sell your product. For me, seeing ads like these makes me never want to buy from that company, ever. How does that sell? I really can't see how ads like these can sell.

The dove commercial we watched with the little red headed girl was interesting and most likely true. At the end, they said something like: "You better teach your daughter about beauty or else 'they' (the media) will." I think this is probably true. If a mother doesn't teach her daughter about beauty and even how pictures can be totally photo shopped then the daughter could follow what she sees in the media. She could also think that she has to do whatever it takes to look 'perfect'.


  1. It is true. I have a 7 year old niece who is stick thin and tall. She lives on the beach and was trying on wet suits and she freaked out and told her Mom she looked fat! If anything she looks too skinny. As (future)parents we must watch what we say as well. We have a big influence.

  2. I coached a swimming team of 5,6,7th graders a few years back. One of the girls on the team was extremely tall for her age (its in her family) and she was very insecure about it. I don't think she was teased, but being in 6th grade and standing a foot or more above your friends has got to be tough! Unfortunately she got the idea that if she didn't eat she'd somehow become smaller and thereby "fit in" better with her peers. Her situation became pretty grave. Luckily she's bounced back and her friends are taller now. It is just so bizarre how much younger the girls and boys are getting that are facing these issues.

    The violent ads really disturbed me too. I know some people are big into horror movies and such but I can't watch and don't find them entertaining at all, due to the fact that violent acts like those depicted happen in real life.

  3. I believe it is very true about the young girls being pursuaded to be thin and beautiful. My friend has a 6 year old daughter and she is already wearing makeup and wanting to fix her hair perfectly. These young girls see barbie and many of those other dolls and feel they need to look like them. Which will never happen barbie is not realistic.